Wednesday, November 20, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hey T,
We watch conference this week. Last time it was in English, so I bet this time it is too. The language is okay. I have to speak it every day because no one here knows English. They can say simple things, but in my area they mostly speak ilocano so I don't ever really know what is going on. The people are really nice and the area is in the middle of nowhere I don't know how to really explain it except that it is fields and houses there is nothing really out here. I can't imagine Averi speaking! In my mind she is still a little chubby girl.  This week was good I went on a split and had a lot of fun. One lady asked me to marry her daughter. We asked another lady a question and she didn't say anything. Then we asked her again. She said she was sorry that she got lost in my eyes. It was so funny. The Elder I was with and I  were laughing so hard after the lesson. Hope you have a good week.
Love you,
Elder Doney 

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