Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey T,
Yeah the Typhoon didn't really hit here. We just got some rain and a little wind nothing big at all. The Filipinos see it as a chance to not work because it is a typhoon. So we stayed inside that day. I don't know about the missionaries there, I just know there are about 72 of them. They are saying that they should be okay but they can't talk to them because the Internet and cell phones towers are down.  I taught the two people we baptized for 6 weeks, but I was not the one that found them. The younger one is named Mary Ann Cortez and the older lady is Mylen Mendoza. 

Hey Reagan I love you too. and you too Mylee and Averi 

Well I guess that is it.  Love all of you and miss you all like crazy. Tell the girls to stop growing up so fast.
Love you,
Elder Doney 

Hey mom,
Things are all good here. All we got during the typhoon was rain and that was about it a little wind but not that strong. We had a Quorum of the 70 come talk with us this week the day before the typhoon hit. It was good, but some of the older elders said he said the same thing as 2 years ago almost word for word. So that was funny but it was still good. My day starts at about 6 30 well that is when we get up, but i get up at 6 i don't know why I just wake up and am not able to go back to sleep. Then I eat and shower if i feel like it. I shower at night. so sometimes i don't shower in the morning. Only if it is raining outside and the water is going to be really cold. Then its personal study then companionship study, then language study, then lunch. After lunch my companion likes to take a little nap so I study or talk with another Elder. Then we go out and teach. This week we had 6 investigators and 3 with a baptism date. Then after teaching we go back to the apartment, if we don't have a dinner appointment, but we have a lot this week. Then I shower then we talk. Sometimes we try to kill lizards, and flies. Then we go to bed and do it all over again. 
Yesterday we went to teach a girl, she is a friend of a girl in our branch. When we got there the girl that is a member her cousins where there.  They were not members so we taught them to. We had a kid that just got back from his mission on Wednesday with us and at the end he talked a little bit. We were teaching about Heavenly Father and families. The boy said that he knows that families can be together forever through temple ordinances. The cousin of the girl looked at me then asked what is that. So were tried to explain and as we were we said priesthood and he didn't know what that was ether. So we tried to talk about that to. We just told him that it's impossible to learn in one day. So he wanted us to come back to teach again. It was really cool.
Well that is about it for me. I don't know what else to say. Hope everything is going good back home.
Love and miss you,
Elder Doney   

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