Tuesday, March 18, 2014

December 16, 2013

Hey T,
I have not got the package yet,  but we have a big mission Christmas party on Tuesday so I will see if I got it. That is what I get to do for my birthday. I wish it wasn't on my birthday because then everyone will find out it's my birthday and that is always bad. I don't like people to know. I don't ever know what month it is until I look at the calender. It feels like the same month every day because the weather never changes. I miss the family trip to Salt Lake, I always liked that just because our whole family is there. I also like that candy bar game. Did you play it this year? I have not seen the nativity sets you can only get them in one place and that has to be your area, or in the same zone and its a long hike. Well that is what people say. It's up in the mountain, or what you call a mountain here, but i will try to get some.  I told mom a cool thing that happened to me today but it's long for me to type so you will have to get it from her. Sorry i don't like typing that much. Well I guess I will just talk with you next week. I will be skyping.
Love you,
Elder Doney

Hey Mom,
Yeah my companion is feeling better. I have started the Christmas presents they are awesome I opened the yo-yo and we were all having so much fun with them.  I love the Christmas trip in Salt Lake. I think I like it most because our whole family is there and we are all having fun together.  Our sacrament meeting was good, the talks were really short and in Ilocano so I had no idea what they were saying. Me and the other American Elder are the only ones that bless the sacrament, no one else will do it, not even our companions. When we get done they want us to say sitting there, so we are pretty much just sitting on the stand looking at everyone.  It’s funny to watch what people are doing and we go to the same branch every week. There is only one where we are; we are far away from everything else. I will skype on the 26th at 8 in the morning, which should be about 6pm for you on Christmas.

 I would love to watch Pysch but I guess I can wait till I get home. Something cool happened today. I was sitting waiting for my companion to get his hair cut and this, I guess you could call him a boy; he was about the same age as me, was just asking me some questions like where are you from and stuff like that. Then he said, so you’re a Mormon right, I said yes. He then said, okay I have a question for you if that is okay. I said sure; he then asked how come he always see you Mormons always walking around, you guys walk a lot. I laughed then started to tell him that we are missionaries and we go around and teach the gospel. Then I gave him a pamphlet and explained a little about it. He looked at it  and started to read it. He was not from my area so I told him if he has questions he could talk to the missionaries there. He told me he has always wondered about us but never knew how to ask. It just showed me how people are being prepared by God and that everyone has a question that he could answer to help them on their way.  Now I just want to talk with every one that I see.

Well hope things are going good. I can’t wait to skype with you next week.
Love you,
Elder Doney

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