Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey T,
It sounds like you have had a fun week. This week was crazy. So on Wednesday we went on a split. I was in a far area. Then at 8 pm my companion calls me and tells me I have to get back to our area because he has to go to the mission home. It was going to take me an hour to get back then the bus ride to the mission home is 4 hours. I found out that they called him at 5 and told him to call me because we were suppose to leave right away because we were so far away. He didn't call me till 8 so I was way mad. He made it hard to figure everything out. Then we were not able to leave that night so we had to get up at 2 am so we could get a bus so he could be to his meeting on time. Oh he had a meeting because he is going to get a companion fresh from the MTC. It's called training. So that's why we had to go, but it was a crazy week. Then on the way back from the mission home it was another 4 hour ride and we had to stand the whole time because there was no room to sit down. So I would just say it was not a very fun day. So I am transferred but I don't know where to yet. I will go on Wednesday to my new area.  We watch Conference this Saturday and Sunday. Well I guess that is it for me hope that everything is going well back home.
Love you,
Elder Doney 

Elder Doney and Elder Cousin

Elder Doney and  Elder Bangal and no he is not my companion but we are way good friends

Carl Donald Guevarra Aguila posted this picture on facbook. In Santiago, Philippines

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