Monday, August 12, 2013

July 29, 2013

My Mom received this e-mail today from a Mother of one of the Missionaries that Bracken has got to know. 

Hello, Sister Doney
This is Elder Blacks Mom.  Your son and mine have become really good friends.  I am so happy that Jed (my Son) has found a true friend.  He speaks so highly of Elder Doney.  This last few months as been a struggle adjusting to the phillippines.  My son is in Burgos Area, and he has struggled with the language and companions, but now is doing so well.  Each Letter I ask him about Elder Doney, and each time he responds with how much he misses him and loves your son.  I am grateful for you in raising a fine young man.  Someone who has high values, and will keep in contact with my son. 
Jed is my oldest and first going on a mission.  I had a hard time in letting him go, but now I can see the blessings of a mission, without it he wouldn't have met your son.  
Thanks again

Sheila Black
Ephraim Utah

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