Monday, April 1, 2013

Living in Paradise?

How are things going at home? Things are crazy here. Its so hot all the time. We cleaned our apartment today. I killed like 10 spiders. I don't know if i got all of them. I guess I will find out. The roads are crazy if you don't watch where you are going you will get hit. My trainer is from the Philippine, but he can speak some English. I still have no idea what the people are saying when they talk, it's crazy when we teach. There is a lot of poverty here, but the people are all so happy all the time. Most of the houses here only have one or two rooms. One house we taught in only had a bedroom and a hallway that they used for the kitchen. We have 3 families with a baptism date. It's crazy. My companion and I are opening a new area. The food is weird, I didn't eat much at first, but now I eat so much. Most of the food really doesn't have a taste, or just a little of a taste. I did laundry for the fist time today. It was no fun. It was by hand, and it took so long to do. I am luck they say because I don't have to use a bucket to shower yet. The people are so nice when you go into a member's house they always try to feed you. Sometimes the food is not good. Things are going good. If I think of something else I will have to tell it to you next week. We only get to email on Mondays. and we have to pay  for the time we use. I am always thinking about you.
Love you,
Elder Doney

 At family home evening 

Some of the food we ate at family home evening 

My roommates and my companion. 
My companion is on the right. The one in the middle
 is Elder Oldem, from the Philippines.  The one on the left is 
Elder Kaloni he is from Salt Lake but his parents are from Tonga. 
My bed room

 Right in the front doors of the church I go to

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