Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Area- Santiago

I miss all of you. Things here are good. I am getting use to the food. I am starting to eat a lot of food. We will have dinner then I will make like 2 sandwiches. The people are way cool and always so nice. They always care about you and if they think something is wrong they will come and talk to you and see how you are doing. We have not watched Conference yet, we don't watch it till this Sunday. I am so exited to watch it. I heard they watch it in English. I am hoping so I know what is going on. We have 8 people with baptism dates. It is crazy and all of them except one came to church Sunday. It is so awesome I can't wait to see them get baptized. The people here are so open to listen to you. They will not turn you away. I still don't know any Tagalog. Some Elders that have been here for 5 months still don't know it. They can speak a little more then me, but they still can't talk with people. It has been so hot here. Every day is hotter then then the last. I can't take the heat - I am so tired all the time until it is night and it cools down then we have a blast. I do not have to do laundry by hand anymore in my area. We have a rich member in my ward. She said that she wants us every Monday to come and do laundry at her house in her washing machine. I am so happy!  Things are going great here. I love to here about every thing that is going on and send lots of pictures. Love you tons.
Elder Doney  

Things here are great. It gets hotter and hotter every day. My companion is awesome and is always trying to help me. The members are amazing they are always talking to us and helping us. We always have fellow shippers. They love to work with the missionary's. We have one member in my ward that is rich, for here, and she told us every Monday that she wants us to come to her house and do our laundry in her washing machine. I am so happy it makes everything easier. The language is really hard. All I really want are just some snacks that I can eat all through the day, and anything that you can think of. We have not watched General Conference yet, we don't watch it till this Sunday. We have 8 investigators with a baptism date. I am way exited. I really don't know what they are saying all the time so I just sit there. Other than that everything is the same. I love you and think about you every day.
Love you
Elder Doney    

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  1. whoever created this blog did an amazing job!! Love it! what a fun way to keep up on missions...It's fun to see how they progress :)