Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey T,
It sounds like you had a really fun week. This week for me was okay nothing really happened. Today I ate rat and it tastes just like turkey, so that is what I got for Thanksgiving. We had a baptism this week. It was two young boys one was 9 and one was 11 they are brothers. We baptized their mom about 6 weeks ago and that is the highlight of my week. Nothing else really happened just the same. I also ate frog again and chicken gizzards. For Thanksgiving another Elder and I  made spaghetti it was fun and we had fun making it. I guess that is about it we really didn't do much this week.  We got the transfer list this week and I am staying here. So I get to spend anther 6 weeks in the middle of nowhere, but it's not too bad!  Another elder and I have a lot of fun together.
Love you all,
Elder Doney  

Hey Mom,
This week was okay. We got the transfer list today, and I am not on it and nether are any of the elders in my zone except the two missionaries that are going home. One Elder named Elder St. Gelais is happy about that.  Elder St. Gelais and I made some spaghetti it was fun.  We were goofing around while we were cooking. I had a baptism this week.  Today was funny- some missionaries brought some food to our zone activity and one brought rat. So i got to try it, it tastes just like turkey. Well that is about all the cool things that happened this week. I am having a good time.
Love you,
Elder Doney

Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoying Thanksgiving with Elder St. Gelais


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