Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hey T,
This week was good- it was fun. I cant believe Averi is getting growing up so fast. We have some new investigators they came to church and we talked to them and now we are teaching them. It was cool that they would just come to church. Sorry its so short I don't really know what to say.
Love you,
Elder Doney

Hey Mom
The work is going good and the members are really nice. We had to move one of our investigators baptism because he didn't come to church for 2 week. My companion was really mad. He really likes the kid. This week we had something really weird happen to us. We went to go teach and investigator. When we got there, there were some other people there and one lady said she wanted to here about our gospel. So we thought cool. So we started to teach- we only got through God is our loving Heavenly father when she had a question. Then she started to talk about what they believe. It was really weird. She said that their Preacher dude told them to never read the bible he will just tell them all that they need to know. It was some weird stuff she was talking about and it felt weird. She talked for about an hour and wouldn't let us say anything. When she got done my companion and I  just bore our testimonies and i felt the spirit. It was good. I just hope they felt it too. We left them a lot of pamphlets so I hope they read them. Hope everything is going good.
love you,
Elder Doney

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