Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hey T,
This week I went to a dinner appointment and they have 2 little girls and they remind me so much of Reagan and Mylee. They were singing and dancing for us. It was so cute. I was thinking of Reagan and Mylee the whole time. One of them won a beauty contest and was in a really big magazine here. It was cool to see the magazine. Things are going good here. Today we went to a lake here and went boating. It was fun. The food is really good but the language is not going so well. I feel like I am not learning anything, but it's okay. It is the start of the rainy season here so it rains a lot. They have started to plant rice so a lot of the people are working all the time. I love you and am always thinking of you.
Elder Doney

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