Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

We were able to talk to Bracken for Mother's Day! Not only did we get to talk, but we used Skype so we were able to see him as well! It was such a good day and he is so happy! He loves the Philippines and the people there. He even said that he loves the food-he thinks he has a rice belly. The Elders that he lives with were with him and they look like they have a lot of fun together!  We were able to talk about what he does every day, they have five more baptisms lined up! They have been teaching Noni Violet's daughters and they are ready to be baptized. He said that it is way hot and the humidity is horrible. He called us Monday morning his time. It was election day so they had to get back to their apartment for lock down because they say it can get pretty crazy!  It was so good to hear from him and see how happy he is. We are so proud of our Missionary! 

First Baptism

Walking down Main Street

A view from the car

Eating one day old chicken with Noni Violet

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