Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey, I already miss the little girls. Nothing ever happens here. We do the same thing everyday, it sucks. The language is so hard and we can only talk in it when we have to teach which is hard. I love most of the kids in my district. We have two Tongans in my district they are so funny, and they eat so much food. I can't believe that the church still has money because of how much food they eat. They are the happiest people. They are always yelling and having a good time. One of them in our district is named Elder Havili, he is a way good singer. He will start to sing during study time and everyone tries to join in, but I tell them to stop because I want to listen to him. The other Tongan is name Elder Aho, he is way big, but not the biggest, it is hard for him to talk in English but when he does it is way good and some kids will start to cry. The Tongans love to play volleyball. When they get a good hit the whole gym becomes really loud and they are all jumping around yelling, even the other team. It is awesome to watch. They care about everyone and will come talk to you if it looks like you are having a bad day. I have a sister in my district that played basketball with Elise. her name is Sister Foster, she is way cool, she has it hard. She is the sister that is in charge of all the sisters in my zone, and her companion is from Samoa and she is having a hard time, but she is way strong and is always happy. We have one kid that went through a really hard time before he came here. I won't go through it, but I am so proud of him for coming on a mission. He had to work really hard to come. One Elder is named Elder Hallmark. He is a bigger guy. He is about 21 years old and he is awesome. He will make everyone cry. He is awesome and he is way funny, but he knows when to stop. I think I already told you about Elder Black. We are getting way close and we always have a good time together. He is going to come live in Logan with me and Jacob when we get off our missions. I like him, we get along really well. It is going to be sad when I have to leave all of them behind, but we have all talked about getting back together in a couple of years. I love all of you and am always thinking about you. Keep telling me whats the 411.
Love you,Elder Doney 
Some of the kids in my district.
 In the middle standing is Elder Havili. The one bending down is Elder Aho. To the left is Elder Black. Then Elder Powell. To the left is me then elder Roberts. 

This is  Elder Vea and Elder Marx. Vea is awesome 
and a really good drawer. 
 Elder Marx was my roommate and he was awesome.

Me and Elder Marx playing chess.

       Something Elder Vea drew for me in my journal. 

Another thing Elder Vea Drew in my journal
Some Elders in my district trying to talk with a little kid it was way funny

Havili and Aho. They would walk up to random girls and ask
 if they could be in a picture with them. It is so funny they
 love to take and be in pictures.

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