Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Letter!

Hey T,
How are things at home. There is not much going on here. I get up at 5:50 every morning except for Mondays and p-days I get up earlier. Tagalog is way hard to learn. When you say a word you have to say every letter and a lot of the words are really long like pananamplatya, it means faith, and it has a lot of ng and mga they are every were, but as I get it down it is really fun to speak. I started to teach an investigator on Thursday and I teach him a lot, and it's all in Tagalog so it is really hard to talk with him and answer any questions that he has for us, we mostly just say opo, yes, to every thing he says- but not to get confused with upo, sit, they sound almost the same. We do a lot of studying and it gets old really fast. I have seen Jacob almost every day we have gym at the same time so we always do stuff together. In sacrament meeting we all have to prepare a talk and it has to be almost all in Tagalog, so the talks are not very long. My companion is Elder Heumann and he is a cool kid. We have another companionship in our room and the are way cool, but they leave next week so I will be getting new roommates. We had a fireside Sunday and Elder Littlefield spoke, he helps the Quorum decide where missionary's are going so serve their missions, he told us stories how they pick that mission they are going to. They are all way cool. The rest of his talk had people laughing are crying it was way good. After that we were able to watch a movie. I watched the one about Joseph Smith, it was way good. My teach is way cool he is part Philippino, and there are some teacher that will help you if you need it and one of them reminds me of Luke it is crazy. Let me know how things are going. When you and Mom send a package send some papa j's jerky and a little snacks. thanks.
Love you
Elder Doney 

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